The Loft Ladder  Company install flooring of the highest quality. We use commercial 18mm, moisture- resistant, P5 grade chipboard flooring makes for the perfect surface for your loft. The grooved flooring means that we can install a strong, continuous surface. Our installers use a range of flooring techniques to provide the best solution for each project.

Cross Bracing 

Joist cross-bracing is used to elevate the floor above the existing insulation by 100mm. This method ensures the thermal insulation level is maintained and your U-Value is not compromised. It also provides protection against stress on the ceilings beneath. 

Loft Legs

This method is required in new build houses where the insulation is so high above the existing joists. This method is used to elevate the floor above the existing insulation by 175mm. 

Store Floor 

LoftZone StoreFloor creates a lightweight strong system of raised beams that support the flooring above your insulation. It’s the easiest way to create safe access to equipment in your loft, or simply to generate storage space while keeping your loft insulated to regulation.

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